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Monday, February 25, 2013

Successful Re-Lactation & Thoughts

Symphony Electric Breast Pump
Symphony Electric Breast Pump
After getting over being sick which took over a week and running frequent 103 degree fevers multiple times a day, I was able to get back into my rhythm of pumping and expressing. I did get more milk than I was in my last post “To Leak or Not to Leak”, but it seems like it would take forever for me to build my supply back up again.

I think one of the biggest things about inducing lactation that makes the whole process difficult has got to be flange sizes. I don’t have access to a baby nor can my fiancé nurse from me in the needed time slots to bring in my milk. Inducing lactation requires a lot of dependency on your breast pump. It might as well be your baby. If you have the money I would suggest getting the Symphony double electric breast pump off of eBay or similar site. Even though I have a Medela pump it is older and the newer models have better setting that help mimic the suckling of a baby. With that said, I still had problems with the “small” flanges being too large for my nipples. I have scoured the internet for hours and days trying to find a smaller flange size. There are none. I am going to the to enlarge my nipples as discussed in the guide “Advanced Solutions for Nipple Sizes & Non-Matching Flanges”.

Before I decide to induce lactation again, I have decided to enlarge my nipples and so far I have been using basic nipple suckers that you can buy off of adult websites for $5 - $10. I can see a huge improvement already. I use them almost like a breast pumping schedule, putting them on for 10 – 15 minutes every couple of hours or so and now I can go over 24 hours and still notice that my nipples are much larger, even when they aren’t “perky”. This tells me that if I keep trying and gradually build up and use better equipment like the Mustang Nipple Enlarger, that I could indeed permanently have larger nipples.

What’s so important about nipple size? Not much if you aren’t pumping. Breast pumping however, you’ll want a good fit. My flange is too large. The diameter of my nipples ranges between 13 – 15mm and the smallest available flange is 21mm (considered small). I get a bunch of areola tissue that pulls into my flange tunnel and it hurts, becomes uncomfortable, and has slightly made my nipple look a little weird. I really feel strongly that this incorrect fit is preventing me from lactating correctly; especially to bring in my milk initially.

If you have any stories or experiences that you think could benefit other moms and women inducing lactation please contact us!


Sakura Mahal

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